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With Pleiadian healing (FSP) Mish works from a trance state where she holds a divine intention to only work in your highest of good, this allows her to hold an energy vibration that allows YOU to raise your awareness and vibration.

By doing this it enables you to connect, understand and see your issues at a core level.  Then she will guide you on how to cancel and clear these issues, release and heal past pains, clear old belief systems, karma, and contracts with yourself and others that no longer serve you.

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Healing Session

Mish is a multidimensional channel supported by the Ascended Masters, Pleiades, Sirians, Andromedan and Archangels Emissaries of the light 

Mish connects directly to your higher self and asks what needs to be seen, acknowledged, healed and cleared to allow you to raise your vibrational frequency. 

She will guide you each step of the way and support you in letting go of old belief systems, karma, contracts with others, old patterns that no longer serve you.

Private consultations either by phone, FaceTime, Skype or in person are by appointment and conducted at ‘Evolve as One’ 

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Holistic counselling is about working with the whole person(s). Mish holds a Diploma in Health Science and her studies included a range of theories:

Psychoanalytical, Existentialism, Person centered, Gestalt, Reality Behaviour, Cognitive Behaviour, Flower Essences and Family Systems.

Mish users her intuition and a variety of approaches to help people understand, move through and resolve issues. She works with:

-Couples Counselling

-One on One


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Quantum Numerology allows you to tap into a universal system that brings together quantum consciousness, mathematics and metaphysics, demonstrating predictable ongoing knowledge about our unique past, present and future. It helps you to shape your life, your purpose, pointing you towards all you can achieve, leading to a richer and more fulfilling life, for you, your family and your community. Awaken yourself to your Soul’s blueprint and your divine plan that you came into this world to experience.

If you are looking to deeply understand who you are, the type of relationships you attract, uncover some of your health limitations, understand how you can create more happiness, build a successful career and shift any money stories into leading a fulfilling life, then unlock your full potential and tap into one of your many readings today!

 Angelic Reiki Healing


Reiki is an ancient hands on healing modality, where you lay on a massage table and relax while Mish opens her healing channels and guides the energy into your body.

This energy then triggers your body to start the healing process on a deep level. This modality is done fully clothed.

 Inner Child Work

to heal trauma

This is regression work, where you will clear the aspects of the trauma or issue. This  helps resolve unhealthy behaviours, psychological trauma, self sabortage, low self esteem, not been able to hold boundaries, feelings of abandonment and insecurity, inability to love or give love and many more.

This healing can bring you into more self love, acceptance, understanding, clearer communication, boundaries, minimise reaction, handle conflicting handle dominating personalities and many more. Allow yourself an extra hour to integrate the healing.

Evolve as one logo CRYSTAL LIGHT HEALING

Crystal light healing enables the transformation of your physical, spiritual and emotional self. Healing crystals and stones have been entrenched in civilisations and cultures since the beginning of mankind. Traditionally used for healing, health and protection, the use of crystals continues to provide significant benefits.

What to expect in a healing


You will find your session with Mish is fascinating. Her unique way of working and communicating with universal beings creates an incredible accelerated healing. All her sessions involve both you and her working together as a team to healing yourself.

In a healing session with Mish you will sit opposite her on a chair.  She will ask for permission to connect in with you and to read and heal you.  She will have her eyes closed most of the time and will engage with you consistently, even while she is communicating with universal beings.  Mish will guide you on how to remove systems while she energetically clears.

Mish will bring your attention to the most important issues that need to be cleared at this time to enable you to move forward towards your intended desires. She will always ask for your permission to clear energy blocks, cancel contracts and old belief systems that are no longer serving you or holding you in patterns that keep repeating.  

At times a client’s ‘loved ones’ who have passed over may come into the session and communicate through Mish.


How to prepare for a session


If there are issues you would like to work on, please hold that intension before you come to a session.

You do not need to tell Mish this as she will be guided to clear what is the most important at time of the healing and if it is not covered in the session. Mish will allow for issues to be addressed close to the end of the session and will do her best to work with you and guide you on those issues. 

Please be aware that if you have a few different ones to work on you may want to book a 1.5 or 2 hour session so you have the time to work on them.  Mish has discounted rates when booking multiple sessions starting from 3 sessions.

Helping others to transform the quality of their lives through their own awareness, self-love and brilliance.