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Client’s state that they feel, grounded, empowered, relieved, comfortable, optimistic, confident, focused, more self-love and acceptance, awareness, at ease, lighter and felt well supported throughout a session and after.

Mish will often get responses back from clients on the shifts that have taken place in their life, relationships, and careers with great appreciation and amazement.  She encourages all feedback and takes great pleasure in hearing about your experience.

“A healing session with Mish is a journey of light and grace that takes you exactly to where you need to be. In this place there is understanding and change awaiting in wonderfully balanced ways. When Mish turns on the light it is a combination of humour, healing and practicality”.

Greg Moore

My entire life, how I view it, and how I treat myself, has completely and utterly transformed since I met Mish. We met a number of years ago now and I have seen her intermittently over the years.

She has been my life coach and life support. When all else has failed, Mish has been the only person I have ever known to provide me with the tools to transform whatever negative issue is plaguing my life at that time.

I think it comes down to the fact that she is not simply throwing treatments and suggested “cures” at her clients – but more nurturing them to find their own truths and to change their own lives. Very powerful stuff. 

Sometimes only tiny simple things that Mish has taught me to say to myself have completely altered my reality, and in turn has left me with an enormous amount of love and respect for myself that I never knew could exist.

My friendship and spiritual bond with Mish is very strong and it is so assuring to know that there is someone out there who understands my thoughts and feelings sometimes better than I do! Great respect to this truly incredible human being. xxxxx“.

Tanya Rich

I visited Mish following 5 years ago of trying to get pregnant.  A friend suggested I see her. I had tried acupuncture, chinese medicine, refexology, diet changes, daily meditations and spiritual healer and I was on my 12th round of IVF. By this stage, I was feeling defeated but was still willing to give anything a go.

Having a baby was a life long dream of mine.  I had never wanted to imagine life without children.  However I couldnt help thinking that my worst fear was becoming my reality.  It is hard to find the right words to describe my experience with Mish.  Initally I didnt really understand what she did or what my sessions with her were going to be about.  I learnt very quickly that I just had to show up. 

Mish is warm, welcoming and makes you feel like she is on the journey with you.  She gently guided our sessions (my husband and I both went together and separately) and helped me gain a better understanding about myself.

She brought clarity to my experiences in a loving and supportive way and quite simply, helped change my perspective which helped me make decisions and changes to my life. I learnt many things from Mish. 

Some of these included learning about my past, the power of thoughts, creating my own reality, how to gain a sense of control back and how I embrace and be compassionate towards my body.  

Today my husband and I have a beautiful baby girl.  While our journey was challenging at times, I am so grateful we met Mish and she was part of it.  Mished helped show us how to create the reality we always dreamed of“.

Lisa and Nick

“Mish, you are a divine Healer! I really appreciate your gentleness as you show me what I need to address in my personal life to allow me to move forward. 

You are clear and direct, yet gentle and nurturing, allowing me to feel safe in your presence to work through my stuff.  Your intuitive healing ability is profound.

My life has slowly brought to me a sense of freedom as we have worked together and let go of what no longer serves me. 

Thank you”.

Fiona H

“Hi Mish, thanks for yesterday! Im already feeling loads better.  You truely are amazing at what you do.  xxx”.


Helping others to transform the quality of their lives through their own awareness, self-love and brilliance.