ONLINE WORKSHOP: Manifest Abundance in 2022 with Mish. Wednesday Dec 8th, 7pm.


Pleiadean Lightwork supports soul evolution and transformation through healing and spiritual activation. 

Based on the teachings of ancient Egyptian, Lemurian and Atlantean mystery schools and brought onto this earth in 1995 by Amorah Quan Yin. 

What is a Pleiadean light work healing session?

Each session provides a multi-dimensional view of your unique soul. Mish can quickly and accurately establish what your individual soul patterns and deep beliefs are, revealing your life lessons.


How does it work?

By gaining a deeper understanding of the origin of your pain and uncovering any stumbling blocks or challenges, you’ll be able to make positive shifts in all areas of your life. These shifts are particularly visible in current circumstances where you feel stuck, such as significant relationships, how your career aligns with your soul purpose, health, happiness and any other areas you want to improve.

What does it involve?

Mish uses a range of modalities, including:

  • in-depth clearing of any contracts and self-limiting beliefs
  • deprogramming subconscious patterns
  • deep clearing through your genetics
  • reading and healing of chakras
  • understanding and clearing your original blueprint and
  • healing and releasing of past lives to unleash your soul’s gifts and talents in this lifetime.

So you are free to step into your true soul’s purpose.

Past lives and individual messages often come through from spirit guides during these sessions.


Pleiadean lightwork session can be delivered face to face or as a remote session.


$200.00 for 1 hour

$300 for 1.5 hours

$400 for 2 hours

$400 for 1.5 hours Couples’ Healing

$500 for 2 hours Couples’ Healing