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Inner child healing reveals any unsupportive messages and conditioning received in early childhood so you can start on the path to acceptance and healing.

What is an inner child healing session?

It focuses on the energy of your inner child, which is based on your experiences, programs and conditioning as a child in this lifetime. Many people have inner children, that are wounded, lost, forgotten, neglected or judged. It can show up as fear, anger or pain in an adult. Once it’s been identified, it opens up the path to healing and enables you to react with emotions that are no longer rooted in the past.


How does it work?

Healing the inner child is about your adult self learning to parent your inner child. Guiding them towards healthy self-acceptance and positive resonation in your adult life as you learn to let go of the subconscious past.


What does it involve?

You’ll connect with the child within, nurturing them to grow by replacing old, negative messages with positive ones. You’ll give unconditional love and acceptance that may have been missing from your childhood so that the child can be the magical, divine child, and feel safe to express their divine spark into the world.



Inner child healing sessions can be delivered face to face or as a remote session.

$400 for 2 hours