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Crystal light healing enables the transformation of your physical, spiritual and emotional self.

Healing crystals and stones have been entrenched in civilisations and cultures since the beginning of mankind. Traditionally used for healing, health and protection, the use of crystals continues to provide significant benefits.

What is a crystal light healing session?

It’s a space where you’ll feel guided, supported and nurtured at the deepest level through the blissful energies of crystals, sound, and the knowledge from your unique guides. By the end of the session, you’ll be in your most relaxed and stress-free state.


How does it work?

As a gifted intuitive Mish helps you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of why things happen in your life. During your session, Mish tunes into your guides and provides key insights or messages that support you on your journey.


What does it involve?

Your crystalline aura is strengthened and stabilised, allowing full soul expression of your highest divine nature at this time.

All of your chakras, nervous, endocrine and meridian systems will be cleared and balanced, ensuring harmonisation and optimisation of your mental, physical and spiritual body.

Your soul will be able to express itself as part of your unique energy field, allowing it to integrate and sustain higher frequencies in the physical body; helping it to adjust at the cellular level.

This unique experience brings you back into unity, allowing you to live more fully, with clarity, calmness and direction.


Crystal light healing sessions can be delivered face to face or as a remote session.


$200.00 for 1 hour

$300 for 1.5 hours