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Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School

Pleiadian Light-work


Pleiadian Lightwork Courses


Pleiadian light work courses are for the purpose of accelerating spiritual growth with the use of your full sensory perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, and channeling healing energy. These courses are not for the purpose of going deeply into psychic phenomena. They are a path toward Wholeness, Oneness, Self Love and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with your Divine Destiny and connection with God/Goddess/All That Is.

Upcoming courses will be run alongside Julia Byrne on our Powerful Alchemy platform.

Initiation Level: Online starting 29th January 2024

Intermediate Level: Online starting 30th January 2024 


Pleiadian Lightwork

initiation level


What you will learn:

  1. Reading and Healing Aura/protection
  2. Kundalini Channel Healing and Activation
  3. Reading, Healing & Activating the 7 Chakras
  4. De-programming Patterns & Beliefs
  5. Clearing Lower Vibrational Energies
  6. Clearing Past Life Karma
  7. Clearing Addictions
  8. Clearing & Healing Soul Centres
  9. Activating Pineal Gland
  10. Accessing Akashic Records
  11. Clearing Inner Child Trauma
  12. Clearing Karma
  13. Connecting To Dolphin Star Temple and Higher Council

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Pleiadian Lightwork

intermediate level


What you will learn:

  1. Reading and Healing Sub-conscious of Unwanted Attachments
  2. Healing Unconscious Trauma
  3. Reading and Healing Astral Body
  4. Reading and Healing Multidimensional Hologram
  5. Uniting the Core Personality
  6. Healing the Aspects of the Soul
  7. Reading and Healing Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical Bodies
  8. Reading & Clearing Past Lives
  9. Retrieving Past Life Strengths & Abilities
  10. Nervous System Trauma Healing
  11. Clearing the Self-Saboteur
  12. Advanced Kundalini Activation
  13. Bridging the Subconscious to the Conscious for Higher Connections
  14. Reading, Clearing and Connecting the the 4th and 5th dimensions
  15. Reading and clearing the astral body chakras

Pre-Requisite: Initiation Level

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Pleiadian Lightwork

advanced level


What you will learn:

  1. Deeper Past Life Clearing
  2. Clearing the Path of The Soul
  3. Twin Flame Past Life Reading & Healing The Separation
  4. Clearing & Healing the Body Being Channel
  5. Reading and Healing Body/Being Channels for Multidimensional Telepathy, Genetics
  6. Genetic Deprogramming
  7. Addiction Deprogramming
  8. Blueprint/Monolith Connection
  9. Clearing sexual cording and psychic Energy
  10. Soul Recalibration
  11. Reading and Healing Original 8 Cells
  12. Soul Affinity work
  13. Reading and clearing the Divine Masculine and Divine feminine
  14. Healing the wounds of Self Esteem

Pre-Requisite: Intermediate Level

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Pre requisite for Training:

Pleiadian Lightwork Initiation Level is ‘The Pleiadian workbook – Awakening Your Divine Ka’, by Amorah Quan Yin

 Pleiadian Lightwork Advanced Level is ‘Awakening you Divine Ba’  by Amorah Quan Yin.

All course are taught in sequential order.  Each course is a pre-requisite to the next level course. In other words you must have completed the Initiation Level to be able to do the Intermediate Level and so on. 

Mish offers One on One courses through the ‘one on one’ teaching, She will bring clients in for you practise reading and healing on during the course.


The history of Dolphin star temple and mystery school

Amorah Quan Yin is the founder of the Dolphin Star Temple and the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.

Amorah brought the Pleiadian Lightwork onto this earth in 1995; a truly unique and holistic healing technique that not only can aid in curing physical and mental symptoms but actually cures the underlying cause of a problem, even if it has already manifested in a physical form.

This technique equally takes care of one’s body, mind and soul, it changes thinking and behavioral patterns, and it empowers each ‚ “Pleiadian Lightworker‚” to find his or her own true Self through spiritual growth. It has given better health, more self-esteem and self-confidence, and a deeper understanding for life in general to thousands who have worked with Amorah or one of the many certified teachers all over the world; for her goal had always been to bring us all back into our true mastery. For more information go to:

Helping others to transform the quality of their lives through their own awareness, self-love and brilliance.