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Angelic Reiki healing brings through the highest forms of healing, allowing you to let go of the physical and emotional binds that are holding you back in life. It is an ancient hands on healing modality, where you lay on a massage table and relax while Mish opens her healing channels and guides the energy into your body. This energy then triggers your body to start the healing process on a deep level. This modality is done fully clothed.

What is an Angelic Reiki healing session?

A relaxing and beautiful therapy that enables you to receive a down-pouring of soul energy, allowing your consciousness to rise.


How does it work?

Old thought forms not aligned with the divine vibration are transformed into a higher vibration. You’ll be able to release old fears, limiting beliefs, people, and situations that no longer serve you. As well as any non-harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions you may be holding on to.


What does it involve?

During the session, Mish connects with the Angelic Realms and acts as a bridge for the Angelic Kingdom to be able to bring through the highest forms of healing directly to you.

Messages from your guides often come through during a session to offer guidance and support on your journey.


Angelic Reiki healing sessions can be delivered face to face or as a remote session.


$100.00 per half hour

$200.00 per hour